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Santorini Greece

Santorini Secret Suites & Spa offers a stay no one will forget. Let the taste and feel of the island lull you to its rhythm within an environment which could soothe even the busiest minds.

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Built on the famous Oia’s cliff side, incised into volcanic rock, offering the most impressive and totally unobstructed Caldera view. Hotel’s facilities and services include the awarded Black Rock Restaurant, Harmonia Spa, free parking next to the Villa, transfers with our own cars and drivers, Wine Tasting and private dining options and more. This Hotel is a proud member of SLH and a Traveller Made partner.



Distance from Airport

11 Miles

Months to avoid

November - April

Average high season temperature


Average low season temperature


Child friendly




Food and Drink

Your gastronomic journey at Black Rock and White Rock Restaurants in Santorini will fill your palate with a million Greek taste sensations and beyond. It is where delectable gastronomic treats enthrall the senses and are up to par with the spectacular scene of natural beauty that surrounds. Cycladic flavours brought about by local ingredients, the authenticness of traditional recipes and the creative and contemporary flair of an experienced culinary team are fused together here. Post-modern Greek cuisine at its very best, coupled with a phenomenal dining setting for the most indelible gastronomic experience yet.

Black Rock Restaurant

The awarded restaurant in Santorini Black Rock will take you on a gastronomic journey between the old and new, the familiar and surprising at the same time; it is a culinary voyage revelation of indulgence against a stunning backdrop of Cycladic perfection.

Our menu is both refined and wholesome. Extraordinary ingredients, cherished recipes and exceptional talent all come together to form a new creative identity, that of post-modern Greek cuisine. Traditional meets contemporary and all-time favourites meet new surprises; playfully gourmet and completely unassuming, the dishes of Black Rock take you one step closer to unravelling the key to exceptional food.

With flavours that are bound to enthuse even the most demanding of gourmands, every stage of your fine dining experience in our awarded restaurant in Santorini has purpose: to showcase the very best of Greek and Mediterranean cuisines and lead you to an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

White Rock Restaurant

White Rock Restaurant will be the setting for a most sensational gastronomic experience in Santorini; based in Mediterranean cuisine with a modern approach, our dishes exude the freshness and frankness of quality ingredients.

Our menu is both comforting and exciting. The finest of ingredients are transformed into minimal recipes that showcase the best version of culinary simplicity. In saying that, there is nothing simple about our recipes as they have been curated from the genuine love for soul-satiating flavours that stir memories. The gourmet-comfort dishes of White Rock Restaurant are bound to make you feel warm inside.

Extraordinary flavours are brought to you, specially crafted by our Chef Iosif Manouselis and his team. The exceptional menu is tastefully balanced, offering a gourmet-comfort dining experience, coupled with an outstanding direct view of the magical Santorini’s sunset. Our dishes are based on the Mediterranean Cuisine, characterized by a modern approach and unique techniques that exude the freshness of quality ingredients.


Secret Harmonia Spa

Let go of stressful thoughts and find your inner balance as you rejuvenate yourself. Our Spa therapies will make you look and feel younger and healthier, while our wide variety of treatments will get you radiant and relaxed in no time. Let our experts guide you in creating a personalized program that you can also enjoy in the privacy of your suite or villa.

The View Harmonia Spa 

Rid yourselves of stress and rekindle your inner balance while you replenish wellness levels. Our Spa therapies are aimed at unlocking your higher self by treating you to radiant skin and body relaxation treatments that will regenerate you. Up to 3 guests can indulge in simultaneous, private sessions either as a couple or as individuals at our View Harmonia Spa that includes a Hammam, reception area and lockers.

Local Area

Oia Village

Oia is the island’s most picturesque settlement filled with traditional houses, tavernas, cafes and shops that create a vivid amalgam of vibrant colours. Blooming bougainvilleas and quaint cobblestone paths will lead you to a number of iconic landmarks that are worth discovering during your stay. From a number of blue dome churches that are almost synonymous with the island of Santorini to the Venetian Castle, Oia is a place that fully represents all that the our cosmopolitan Cycladic island stands for.

Foinikia Village

The colors of the sea are also in harmony with the beaches, creating an elegant setting that brings the essence of life to the fore. Visitors will experience the raw truth of Santorini; man’s miraculous adaptation to the unique conditions of the environment, and a profound understanding of the need for perfection.

Venetian Castle of Oia

Strategically built on Oia’s most elevated position, the historic Venetian Castle stands proudly until this day, offering truly majestic views from it’s unique vantage point. Built in 1480, the castle counts many centuries of existence and visiting it will fill you with a sense of awe and admiration. Also known as the ‘Kasteli’ of Agios Nikolaos amongst the locals, it is something definitely worth experiencing, especially if you visit it during sunset.

The Marine Museum

The Marine Museum allows you to immerse into the naval culture of the island, and discover a different side of Santorini. An authentic captain’s manor welcomes each visitor and takes them on a journey back in time, to the marine glory days when Santorini had a strong naval presence.



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