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Euphoria Retreat is a multi-awarded holistic wellbeing destination spa in Greece’s southern Peloponnese. It offers guests a unique wellbeing experience through treatments and therapies that blend ancient Greek and Chinese philosophies and healing practices with scientific innovation, healing food and a belief in our inner potential for health and happiness.

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There are several reasons to choose Euphoria Retreat for your next wellness journey but the most important are:
The Location – The symbiotic relationship between nature and culture is at the very heart of Euphoria Retreat experience and is fundamental to the healing process, incorporating the energy and mysticism of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mystras and a rich scenery of Mediterranean mountains and sweeping valley views, as well as beautifully landscaped grounds, to create an environment of total serenity and relaxation.
At the heart of our philosophy is the ‘Euphoria Methodos’, which encompasses our therapies, programs & retreats, our food, our location & design and even the way in which our team interacts with our guests. It is an approach built on a unique blending of ancient Hellenic and Chinese philosophies, practices and a belief that we each have the ability to become our own healer. The ancient world’s five elements and their related energies find expression and balance within our therapies and retreats, which are personalised by a team of consultants and therapists, according to scientifically proven testing methods and bespoke healing plans.
The Euphoria Team – Everything about the journey of personal transformation we offer hinges on the relationship between guests and our team.  Our staff are kind, caring and welcoming and embody Greece’s famous hospitality and generosity. 
The Euphoria Approach to Nutrition – Food at Euphoria plays a significant role. Taking inspiration from the ancient Greek word for ‘Earth’ (Γαία), we offer a blend of regionally inspired contemporary Greek and Mediterranean dishes. We use biological ingredients, most of which are picked from our botanical gardens. Emphasis is given on simplicity, healthy living, and full flavor. All meals are made with fresh with seasonal ingredients. We’ve also nurtured a relationship with local farmers, producers, and winemakers, who we know by name, to create a menu that uses the best of local, seasonal and organic produce. 
We welcome children over 14 years old, we are non-smoking property, and we are not per friendly property.


  • Early check in and late check out subject to the availability on the arrival day
  • Complimentary wi-fi
  • Complimentary parking
  • Complimentary use of the spa facilities like indoor – outdoor pool, sauna, steam room, tepidarium, kneipp therapy, gym
  • Complimentary participation in the group wellness activities organised weekly

Mystras, Lakonias (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Distance from Airport

Kalamata Airport seasonal airport operates from April to October (one hour drive distance 97,8 km) and Athens International Airport operate all year around (3 hours’ drive distance 247km)

Average high season temperature

39ºC - 40ºC usually 2 or 3 weeks at the end of July till middle of August

Average low season temperature

0ºC - 8ºC during February


Euphoria Spa is our core business as we are a wellness destination. The area is three thousand square meters, and it is a remarkable architectural achievement that rises over four levels. Kindly find attached the fact sheet of Euphoria Retreat where you will find further information about our signature spa.

Food and Drink

We have one Restaurant – the Gaia Restaurant with its unique monastery style setting and communal tables. The food the retreat serves mainly consists of a Mediterranean and Greek diet.

All the meals are a la carte, even the breakfast, and all the food is locally sourced and organic, grown from local farms only half an hour from the spa.

The concept of creating dishes that balance all key flavors is to create an unforgettable gastronomic experience, but also to detoxify the body, boost metabolism, fight inflammation and reinforce the immune system, at the same time as satisfying all your senses. A private dining area is also available for exclusive

use in the Leoncini Mansion. Euphoria Retreat’s bar offers fresh and healthy drinks, smoothies and light alcohol.



An Extraordinary SPA Hotel in Greece

Like all the best destination spa retreats, Euphoria is its own universe. One filled with codes, patterns and deeper meaning. An exploration of our spa is also a journey of self-discovery. As our founder Marina Efraimoglou says: “When you explore Euphoria we give you the keys to explore yourself. This exploration brings greater freedom and happiness, it is an adventure with no pre-conditions.”

Except the facilities we would like to inform you that at Euphoria Retreat guests can follow a full wellness program.

Local Area

Our Area à A magical Greek Landscape.

The stuff of legends, the exquisite Peloponnese in southern Greece is a peninsula rich in the myths and mysticism of Olympian gods and mythical heroes. Inhabited since pre-historic times, and dotted with pine forests, Byzantine churches and lofty hilltop villages, this historical landscape exudes a palpably healing energy rooted, much like our spa treatments, in ancient civilizations and cultural lineage. The symbiotic relationship between nature and culture is at the very heart of our Euphoria Retreat experience, whether you come for a weekend retreat or a full wellness programme. Daily concerns drop away as you feel the sun on your back; the Mediterranean light is uplifting and renewing. Mount Taygetus provides a rich and majestic backdrop and the Eurotas River, which flows through the valley, was once a training ground for the Spartans, famed for their strength, courage and fortified healthy lifestyles. For dreamers, the famous archaeological site of Mystras is a must – awash with wild-flowers, breath-taking views, time-faded frescoes and flickering church candles. Tempting day trips include the charming coastal town of Gytheion, a 40-minute drive, and little-known Elafonissos Island, fringed with white-sand beaches. Yes, the islands of Greece are famous for their beauty, but trust us, the Peloponnese will enchant you with its sacred soul.

The Jewel of Mystical Mystras à A short drive from our doorstep or bracing trek away, guests at Euphoria Retreat can layer a transporting visit to the fortified town of Mystras into their wellness spa retreat. For anyone wanting to step away from the technological advances of modern life and immerse themselves the peace, beauty of a landscape which will inspire, Mystras, ‘the wonder of Morea’, is a must. Fought over by Franks, Venetians, Byzantines and Ottomans, and now an important and visually stunning Unesco World Heritage site, there is something mesmerising about exploring its lost Byzantine churches, monasteries, palaces and ruins. This is where the great neo-Platonic scholar, Gemistus Pletho, started his school of philosophy before going on to revive Greek learning in Western Europe. While seven centuries have passed since the height of Byzantium, the same aura that undoubtedly inspired the intellectual, artistic and architectural blossoming of the time continues undimmed to this day. Soak up the holy atmosphere of the Cathedral of Agios Demetrios and the Monastery of Panagia Perivleptos, wander quiet cobbled pathways, walk meandering paths down the mountainside and stop in stillness to admire immense, profoundly healing views.

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