Denis Private Island

Denis Island Seychelles

Denis Private Island – a coral tropical hideaway of 375 acres, swathed by lush vegetation, pristine beaches and surrounded by crystal clear waters.

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This stunning retreat offers an authentic experience, a private island with a distinctive character boasting only 25 cottages.  Leave the outside world behind on this tranquil island where simplicity, comfort and pleasure coexist equally – no keys, no phones, no worries! Literally, for some digital detoxing this is the place for you as there is no mobile phone network, and no television or internet access in-room.

To safeguard this retreat’s striking natural surroundings whilst offering the finest hospitality, Denis has embarked on a journey to epitomize a remarkable sustainable tourism investment. On the island, ‘Hyper local’ products are favoured; with its own farm, rearing poultry for meat and eggs and cattle for milk. These along with fruits and vegetables and aromatic herb gardens are destined for the hotel’s restaurant, considered one of the best in the Seychelles.

The island works towards manageable levels of sustainability, from the hotel’s room furniture crafted from the islands fallen timber, to the water collected from aquifers and rain catchment reservoirs. The island’s own coconut oil, sand and citronella are utilized in the hotel’s wellness treatments and massages.

With the sustainability and conservation of Denis Private Island being the vision of its proprietors for guests to experience; this jewel island is sure to remain for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.


Denis Island

Distance from Airport

59 miles

Child friendly



No gym. Wellness and massage treatments are available

Visa required

Not for the majority of countries (kindly verify the Seychelles Tourism Board website for more information)


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