Andronis Arcadia

Santorini, Greece

Arcadia Hotel is the newest addition to the Andronis Exclusive family of five-star hotels, villas and honeymoon retreats on the idyllic island of Santorini.

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Santorini, Greece

Named after the mythical home of the god Pan, Arcadia was a place of natural harmony and pastoral enchantment. This earthly Arcadia is located on the fringe of picturesque Oia, an easy stroll from the village centre, but far enough away to ensure peace and privacy. The all-suite hotel offers guests the highest standards of comfort and elegant living space, in keeping with the Andronis Exclusive reputation for excellence and personal service. Every luxury suite in Oia has its own pool, situated to capture the magical views towards the Aegean sea and the island’s unforgettable sunsets.


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Free Breakfast



Distance from Airport

10.2 miles

Months to avoid

November - March

Average high season temperature


Average low season temperature


Child friendly




Food and Drink

Opson Restaurant

Opson Restaurant brings you a unique new dining experience – cuisine inspired by the tastes and ingredients of classical Greece. Our head chef Stefanos Kolimadis, in consultation with a classical scholar, has created a tasting menu based on the dishes enjoyed by philosophers such as Aristotle, Plato and Omiros. Using fresh vegetables from our own kitchen garden and locally sourced delicacies, our head chef combines contemporary cuisine with the flavours of an ancient time, bringing together the best Greek food with dishes known and loved by our legendary forefathers.

Combine exceptional flavour with phenomenal views over Oia sunset dinner experience at the restaurant gems belonging to Andronis Arcadia Hotel.


The magnificent alfresco space provides guests with unspoilt views of Oia’s spectacular sunsets and a wide range of food, beverage and drink choices, delivering class, flavour and excellence every single time.

And, once you’re done with your meal, stick around to indulge in one of our exquisite signature cocktails at a fun environment with cool party vibes and a magical sunset ambiance.


Evexia Spa

A visit to Evexia,a luxury spa in Santorini, is a chance to escape the stresses of daily life and give yourself up to the indulgent treatments created by our dedicated spa team.

Santorini is blessed with spirit-enhancing energy, a revitalising force that calms the soul and revives the spirit. Evexia Spa takes this to a new level with tailored treatments and traditional massage techniques, luxurious products and soothing rituals.

The Water Path

A unique treatment that includes a cycle that starts with a deep lymph-drainage massage followed by the application of cold cold bandages. Walks on the Kneipp pool combined with our special herbal tea help the body to drain and detox from inside out.

Hair Profiling Test 

A totally unique screening programme supervised by Dr.Zulia Frost provides a full wellness profile following a non- invasive bio-energy approach. With only a piece of hair and within 20 minutes, guests can have a full wellness profile to use as the basis to build a well-being programme for their stay with exact lifestyle and nutritional tips based on their stress levels and custom needs.

Local Area

Scuba Diving

The Greek islands are among the most popular holiday destinations in the world, rich in ancient archaeological sites, vibrant local culture and immense natural beauty. Some of the best known are Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos and Ios, which all belong to the Cyclades. Surrounded by crystal-clear waters, each island has its own distinctive beauty and charm. Together they are a small paradise in the heart of the Aegean Sea.

The underwater world of the Cyclades is unique and extremely popular for year-round diving excursions and tours. The island of Santorini, in particular, is one of the most famous islands in Greece because of its geology and history of volcanic activity.

Wine Adventure

The Santorini Wine Tour Company introduced the concept of wine tourism to this unique and ancient wine-making island. Our purpose is simply to give our guests a great wine tour experience.

We offer a variety of wine and gastronomy tours on Santorini. On our tours guests learn about the soil and microclimate, see the vines and cultivation techniques and are introduced to the unique grape varieties, as well as the modern vinification techniques used here.

All our itineraries are hand-picked by our in-house team of wine experts. Our tours are inspired by our passion and knowledge of this amazing wine region and are designed after continuous research and many years of experience.

Santorini Walking Tours 

We offer guided tours crafted for travellers who love exploring, enjoy walking and are keen to experience the local way of life. Visit the secret gems of Santorini away from the hustle and bustle, walking along ancient paths and picturesque cobblestone alleys. Marvel at the famous caldera, explore untouched whitewashed villages and take in the amazing scenery. Our tours respect the delicate environment of the island. Join us and experience the true beauty of Santorini.

Helicopter Flights

Take an impressive helicopter trip across the Aegean to some of the most renowned Greek islands such as Mykonos, Crete and Rhodes as well as the fascinating capital, Athens.

Santorini Photo Safari

Discover the island through a photographer’s eyes and capture memories for a lifetime This semi-private photo tour provides visitors with the rare opportunity to enjoy the best and most photogenic sights the island of Santorini has to offer. Beginning your island holiday with a Santorini Photo Safari is a wonderful way to take a driving and walking tour of the island from the one end to the other, to see places that you would otherwise miss and take home photographic skills and memories that will last a lifetime.


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