Teens Unite

 Seven teenagers a day are diagnosed with cancer in the UK.

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is life-changing, particularly in your teenage years. At a time when you should be finding your path in life, all of your dreams and aspirations are put on hold. The impacts are widespread and many young people suffer from reduced confidence and self-esteem, education and career plans are interrupted and friendships become fragmented.
Teens Unite remains the only charity to provide long-term, ongoing support for 13-24 year olds fighting cancer. We are dedicated to improving their lives, irrelevant of what the future holds. We are not doctors or nurses, we are a strong, support network that reaches out to these young people during some of the darkest moments they will ever have to experience. We are here from the moment they are diagnosed, throughout their treatment and during remission. At Teens Unite we recognise that the effects of a cancer diagnosis are long-lasting, both mentally and physically and they don’t just disappear when the treatment stops. We understand that we cannot change the fate of these young people, but what we can do is provide them with something fun to look forward to, a chance to laugh and smile and just be teenagers.
Founded in 2007 by Debbie Pezzani and Karen Millen OBE, Teens Unite truly understands the support that young people fighting cancer need. Previous to founding Teens Unite, Debbie and Karen spent many years with young people in hospitals watching them beat all the odds. They realised that while these young people are supported in a medical environment, outside of hospital there is little help or guidance resulting in feelings of isolation, anger and fear. It is difficult to return to ‘ordinary’, everyday life following months of chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery.
We bring these young people together by organising motivational workshops and days. All of our activities are age specific and are tailored to suit the needs, interests and abilities of the young people we support. During these workshops and days out the young people can meet other teenagers who share similar experiences to themselves and recognise they are not alone in such a difficult journey. The charity is constantly expanding, so knowing that we have individuals who are as dedicated to supporting these young people as we are is invaluable.



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