Domes Zeen

Crete Greece

A Head-Turning Harbour of Slow Living. Centered around the Greek concept of “Ef Zeen: the art of Living Well”, Zeen is a place to rest, reconnect, make memories, meet new friends, and be charmed by the culture and character of Cretan traditions.

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Crete, Greece

It’s a treasure trove of paradisal simplicity, where nature and relaxation merge effortlessly as one.
Nestled against a stunning backdrop, Domes Zeen Chania is an open-hearted sleek modernist retreat delivering a soulful, holistic take on a Mediterranean escape.
At the intersection of understated luxury and unpretentious comfort, communal spaces and private accommodation alike blur the boundaries between inside and out. Floor-to-ceiling windows, intriguing design elements and lush greenery bring the sun into your private space and set the mood for the day ahead.
The 106 rooms that range from lavish villas to well-appointed family bungalows were simply created to be lived in, ideal for postmodern families and well-travelled couples alike. With serene terraces, private pools and laid-back sophistication throughout, you feel as familiar as home yet as luxurious as you deserve.
An earthy colour palette, the warmth of sustainable natural materials, impossibly comfortable furniture and every amenity you could wish for come together to ensure that you can spend endless hours luxuriating in complete privacy before you head out to sample a wealth of experiences, spanning from elevated gastronomy and youngsters’ creative pursuits to yoga, spa treatments and beyond.
The resort operates since summer 2019 and is the ever popular ex Casa Cook Chania, which is rebranded under the Domes Resorts family. It is converted to operate under The Luxury Collection by the beginning of summer 2020 and it is a bloggers and luxury guests favourite, do to its luxury services and ‘instagramable’ character.



Distance from Airport

10 Miles

Average high season temperature


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Food and Drink

True to unique form, Domes Zeen Chania offers a tantalising array of culinary options catering to contemporary sensibilities, packing ingenious creativity and made with outstandingly fresh ingredients in Crete, where food is an opportunity to come together, socialise and celebrate. Inspired by the wealth of flavours, colours and textures of Greece and Crete and building on the signature Domes Resorts concept of local, seasonal fare, the dining options at Domes Zeen Chania are the stuff of epicurean dreams. Creative local and fusion dishes open your world to new dimensions of flavour with strong Cretan and Greek influences, making use of freshly picked ingredients from the birthplace of the Mediterranean diet, Crete. We have prepared menus for kids and toddlers, as well as vegetarian menus. We can also cater to gluten-free diners upon request.

Enino Gastronomy Restaurant

Newly arrived in 2020 is our wine themed fine-dining menu, served against a backdrop of remarkable seascapes. Enjoy creative Greek, Cretan and Mediterranean fare with a twist from the hands of expert chefs whose attention to detail will take your breath away

Beach House Restaurant 

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner from morning till late, this is the spot of summer sustenance enjoyed while you marvel at the striking views of the Aegean Sea. Flavoursome surprises courtesy of talented chefs pack local, organic produce – treats aplenty to impress every preference and dietary requirement!

Beach House Bar

Your favourite poolside spot to wind down in the sunshine and enjoy a fragrant coffee, signature cocktail, glass of exquisite wine or something else from an enticing menu.


Jungle Spa

One of the oldest settlements in the world, the evocative city of Chania is a tantalising mix of old and new.
Around every corner, evidence of how important this strategic location has been for countless civilisations past is found in the form of sights, smells and sounds.

Organically blending into the tactile minimalism of the Domes Zeen Chania village and unmistakably echoing the gorgeous natural landscape of Crete beyond, the Jungle Spa is an open-aired temple of wellness, beauty and balance.

We have prepared a tantalising menu of state-of-the-art treatments for face and body, informed by nature and inspired by timeless traditions. Energy massage, toning massage, stone therapy and even pregnancy treatments are delivered al fresco, in the hands of skilled therapists, with hand and foot care and beauty rituals offering more.

Treat yourself and your loved ones to some pampering in the gentle caress of the sea breeze and the warm sun to awaken your senses, let go of your jet lag, centre yourself and slow down.

Gym Pavilion

You’ll find workout equipment and mats aplenty at the Gym Pavilion, a space dedicated to helping you keep up with your fitness regime in style under the bright blue dome of the Greek sky.

Feel motivated to exceed your potential with an open-air session while you enjoy idyllic views of the sea and, when it’s time for a healthy snack to replenish, make your way to the bar or restaurant for a healthy snack made with fresh, vibrant local fruit and vegetables or a perfectly prepared juice or beverage.

Local Area

One of the oldest settlements in the world, the evocative city of Chania is a tantalising mix of old and new.

Around every corner, evidence of how important this strategic location has been for countless civilisations past is found in the form of sights, smells and sounds.

This is by no means a city to look at. It’s a city to get stuck in. From the romantic old harbour area to the iconic 16th century lighthouse, imposing stately homes and Turkish bathhouses, all the way through to rustic winding alleys and charming open-air markets showcasing locally-grown produce, it’s a veritable mosaic of old and new, echoing the past and embracing the present with a vibe that’s gently invites you to live life to the fullest.

Just ten minutes from Zeen, the old town of Chania is a vibrant whirlwind of options for even the worldliest of travellers to get excited about. That’s why it’s considered the best place to stay in Crete. Just speak to our 24-hour reception to arrange a car, scooter or bicycle to discover it yourself – or even take a little time to walk there, taking in the fantastic scenery at a leisurely pace.


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